I'm an accredited nutritionist with a passion for working with young children and their families. My goal is to teach you how to feed your child in a way that will allow them to become a more confident, competent eater. I'll teach you how to raise a happy eater! 


I have a special interest in feeding behaviour and how a parents beliefs, attitude and actions around food may be influencing their child's eating. My approach has a focus on child-directed, family centred feeding strategies that are individualized to each families needs.

By supporting parents with strategies that they can use to help improve their child's fussy eating, we slowly see the child's progression toward eating a broader range of foods, happier mealtimes and families developing a more positive feeding relationship.

There is no need for mealtime battles that steal the joy from your family's eating experience or being overwhelmed by all the nutritional advice out there. You're doing the best you know how, and with the right support you can reclaim a relaxed, joyful experience around food and eating. 

Lets Chat! I'd love to help you and your family.


I offers a range of services to suit your needs. Whether you are seeking advice on how to start solids with your little one, require one-on-one help for your fussy eater or are interested in my Rainbow Plate sensory-based food education incursions for your preschool, I am here to help!

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